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Status Future consideration
Workspace OpenPlant Modeler
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 5, 2023

Enable spec validation to update bolts and gaskets.

Spec validation tool allows mass model updates when specifications are updated. Often specs are in early design stages when modeling starts. When bolts or gaskets have updates, replacing these components as currently setup takes a significant amount of time, especially when compared to updating other components classes.

How frequently will feature be used? A few times a week
How much time will you save? Currently updating gaskets and bolts requires replacing joints to do so. I have not come across a batch process for this so needing to re-create every joint is very time consuming. Especially considering a spec may change more than once in a project lifecycle.
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  • Guest
    Oct 11, 2023

    Hi Waqas. That is correct it would be a great upgrade to be able to update bolts and gaskets with spec validation. Answers to your questions below

    1. I think that would be a great improvement, however I am not sure other components update when dimensional changes happen?

    2. I think if bolts updated in the same way they are placed for length that would be best. But as a starting point I am more concerned about descriptions etc being updated vs length.

    3. Valves and other components already update by using the spec validation tool. Note my original request is not to have dimensions updated, but to have descriptions and other fields that are generally updated by use of the validation tool.


  • Admin
    Waqas Murtaza
    Oct 9, 2023

    Hi Kyle, Thanks for posting the idea.

    It seems that your primary concern is about enhancing spec validation tool to update gaskets and bolts. Is this correct ?

    Can you please clarify few more queries regarding this workflow:

    1. If Gasket thickness got changed in spec, do you also want to update the graphics and re adjust the position of mating flanges or flanged components ?

    2. Do you want to directly update the bolt properties e.g. bolt length, based on the unique spec id of that record in spec or do you want OPM to recalculate bolt length, like we do while placement.

    3. Do you also want this to implemented for other piping components e.g. valves ?