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Status Future consideration
Workspace OpenPlant Modeler
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 20, 2024

Out of the Box Mixed Metric Workspace in OPM should show fractions in the Pipeline Manager not decimal inches

PDS piping model shows fraction for Nominal Diameter and thus reflect in Pipeline Name (ie 1 1/2"-1PA-35121-L1-N0). If Nominal Diameter is modified, the Pipeline Name that has a Nominal Diameter reverts to decimal nominal diameter display (1.5-1PA-35121-L1-N0) and that is how id displays on the Isometric and general arrangements, which is not aligned with the Tagging Specification.

This was that the OPM using a Mixed Metric workspace (always worked in Bentleys older software AutoPLANT and PlantSpace). This is the way AutoPLANT and PlantSPACE worked, can we request that OpenPlant also shows fractions. (see attached image)

The iModel would have one tag and ALIM another tag and the user would not be able to link them for visual navigation within ALIM to iModel hub.

How frequently will feature be used? A few times a week
How much time will you save? It saves user time in modifying the schemas to allow fraction sizes for Nominal Diameter. OPM already recognizes the fraction and thus changing Nominal Diameter should have the same behavior.
Your Industry Oil & Gas