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Status Planned
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 21, 2024

Ability to add/ edit conduit matrix after duct bank has been modelled.

Currently adding the conduit to an existing duct bank or already modelled duct bank is not possible. In projects it is very frequent to change the duct bank matrix which after modelling the duct bank. If after modelling new conduit is required to be added in existing duct bank, then it is not feasible and it also generate separate concrete envelop around the existing conduits and the newly added conduits. This is not meeting the expectation and it makes it mandatory to model the entire duct bank again. Due to this rework the user has to again redo the modelling which is time consuming and not very efficient way. We would like to enable this feature for duct bank modelling using which user can edit the existing duct bank matrix, which allow them to add/delete/edit the matrix configuration without having to redo the modelling and still create single concrete envelop around it.

How frequently will feature be used? Several times a day
How much time will you save? It will be one of the most efficient way to change the conduit matrix at later stage for existing duct bank as currently we have no other choice but to remodel it.
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  • Guest
    Feb 21, 2024

    This is needed for sure!