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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 12, 2023

BRCM for data transfer from properties fields to the data base

We need help in order to sync the BRCM properties filed to BRCM Data Base which currently not possible. Taking example of ID here If we manually edit the ID filed within properties window of raceway it allows us to edit it however the changes made this way are not reflected to the data base. As a result of this changes do not stick to the reports or in the other output forms.

Request you develop this or enhance the BRCM for data transfer from properties fields to the data base. This will enable us to make changes quickly and can be utilize to full potential for bulk changes.

How frequently will feature be used? Several times a day
How much time will you save? It will be one of the most efficient way to change the ID or assigned them.
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  • Admin
    Scott Walker
    Jul 12, 2023

    In update 11, we changed our IDs to leverage item types. For equipment IDs you can now change them by double clicking on the ID and if you update your database it will pick up the renamed ID.

    For raceway IDs, however, the item type value is now read-only and you cannot change it in the properties dialog because allowing the editing of this within the drawing added additional complexities. Such changes can be made in the Raceway ID dialog.