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Status Future consideration
Workspace OpenPlant Modeler
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 16, 2024

Ability to update properties on multiple components


While evaluating the data on OPM Piping Components, there are times when multiple components need to be assigned Properties. For example, we may need to update a Project Code or Shipping Status for a collection of objects that are selected in the CAD space. Or one might need to edit Nominal Operating Pressure for multiple components.

However, I was informed in case CS0146120, that OPM does not support this functionality, and that objects needs to be updated one by one using the Modify Component tool.

This is the case, despite the fact that the OPM Schemas allow users to make properties editable in the Propeties Dialog, where users can select multiple objects and edit properties of multiple objects. The issue we face when follow this process, is that the ToolTip (Element Description) does not update properly to display the right information.

OPM shall always display the right information in the ToolTip, whether properties are updated using the Modify Component Dialog, the Properties Dialog, the Explorer Details Dialog, or any other method of updating properties for OPM Objects.

How frequently will feature be used? Several times a day
How much time will you save? 1000 hours
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