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Status Will not implement
Workspace OpenPlant Modeler
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 7, 2024

Workflow Change for Logging Enhancement to Aha if Ticket is Already Reported

It would be great to check the procedural workflow for logging item to Aha if client has already reported a case to Bentley.

Client has reported a case to Bentley and based on investigation of support it should be considered as enhancement.

In this situation client is requested to log it to Aha & ticket will be closed automatically.

In first go, user has already provided details had meeting with support, then we are requested again to log as Aha. This is not time effective and efficient considering the user point of view.

In such case, the support team should put it to Aha or enhancement as client has already spent considerable amount of time explaining the requirement & details.

How frequently will feature be used? Once a week
How much time will you save? For client, it would be considerable amount of time and effort saving.
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  • Admin
    Abbas Ali
    Mar 13, 2024

    Thank you for sharing your concerns. These are valid concerns, we want to reassure you that it is not our intent to add more work. In fact we hope that users will come to ideas portal first if they are planning to submit enhancement requests since the service case mechanism is primarily for issues. The purpose of this portal is to be more transparent in understanding user needs and give them opportunity to up vote requests that they feel are more important as well as have a forum to review status updates on these requests.

    When you create an idea, it enables you to not only get direct updates on that idea but also lets you make use of portal features like quick filtering on "my ideas" and viewing activity related to submissions done by you. This is lost if someone else is filing the request on your behalf.

    As the transition to this ideas portal matures, we hope there would be minimal occurrences of needing to direct users from service cases to here. Since this is not a product change request, we are setting it to 'will not implement', however please feel free to engage our user success teams for continuing suggestions on improving our processes.

  • Guest
    Mar 8, 2024

    I completely agree with this. Bentley is outsourcing their responsibilities to their paying customers to do the leg work. I have spent 100s of man hours finding bugs and documenting issues all for Bentley to come back and tell me to go to the Aha portal and redo a bunch of work.

    Bentley should take ownership of their own products and make it easier for their paying customers to make improvements to their software.