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Status Future consideration
Workspace OpenPlant Modeler
Created by Guest
Created on May 7, 2024

Fix and Enhance the Details(Items) Dialog so it's usable.

Currently the Details (Items) dialog will show a list of what ever has been selected.

  1. Option to sort dialog, defaults back 'Item' when working on data past the first page of data, (scroll down past the first 20 lines say)

  2. When a number of items are selected and an attribute is updated for all items the form will default back to A2 after applying the changes.

  3. changing individual fields is a slow process with the dialog defaulting back to A2 with each change.

An Enhancement would be to have the ability to make all the changes in the Details (Items) dialog then approve all changes at the one time, not each change one at a time.

How frequently will feature be used? Several times a day
How much time will you save? When you have a large amount of data to change, say after coping a plant, or in my case a converted PDS model into OPM, it will save hours of work.
Your Industry Oil & Gas
Other Industry All that use OPM