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Feature of pipeline copy

Hi Team We are looking forward to see a feature of pipeline copy on Pipeline Manager in OpenPlant Modeler, it's quite efficient way for pipe modeling. A simple draft as shown the attachment.
6 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

True Beta Testing

I would really like to see a true beta testing program implemented for OpenPlant. I have logged 40+ product defects after upgrading to newer versions of OPM. I am still waiting on fixes from the past years, and my users are struggling with in prod...
11 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Nozzle Manager - Enable property DEVICE_TYPE_CODE to define Unique NOZZLE tag along with NUMBER.

Currently a Nozzle in Nozzle Manager is defined by the NUMBER field. When using PlantSight/OPPID/OPM, the Number needs to be defined as a Number - Not N1 or M1 (Nozzle or Manhole). Tagging of a nozzle is generally defined as EQP_NO-DEVICE_TYPE_COD...
4 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Query Component function

It is useful to search and select a piece of the line. I use it to see if I have any double pieces.
5 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 1 Needs review