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Improved Upgrade Process

The entire process for Workspace upgrade has been a challenging in my experience. OPM is scheduled for 2 version updates every year, and with each upgrade, users are required to perform a Workspace upgrade, and verify all customization are functio...
12 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 4 Planned

Please bring back Ctrl G and Ctrl U commands

In the latest release OpenPlantModeler the functionality to group items has been removed. These commands grouped selected items to make it easier to pick when multiple components existed in complex models. Command were executed using ...
over 1 year ago in OpenPlant Modeler 12 Planned

Ability to add/ edit conduit matrix after duct bank has been modelled.

Currently adding the conduit to an existing duct bank or already modelled duct bank is not possible. In projects it is very frequent to change the duct bank matrix which after modelling the duct bank. If after modelling new conduit is required to ...
3 months ago in Bentley Raceway and Cable Management 1 Planned

One button for Move Label and Modify Element

Users would save considerable amount of time if the functionality of Move Label and Modify Element is combined into one button. Currently, users have to swap between two buttons constantly to clean up labels on an isometrics. A combined button wou...
almost 2 years ago in OpenPlant Isometrics Manager 1 Planned

Place support on valve elements

There is no way to place support on valve element but users request this
almost 3 years ago in OpenPlant Modeler 1 Planned

Supports placement on Fittings, tees, elbows etc. and supports customization as primary and secondary.

At present we cannot place U-bolts or support locators on fittings, elbow and tees as a result in Isometric we need to add these supports manually and get it counted in the BOM. We need more options to create customized supports as primary and sec...
over 2 years ago in OpenPlant Modeler 1 Planned

Ability to place support nodes on Valves/Custom Components

Currently, there is no way to add support nodes to Valves or Custom Compoenets.
2 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 1 Planned

Valve State should work for all components

This would allow a user to have more than once cell for the same class and display the component differently. Having the PropertyBasedCells Extend Type work across the class structure, would help to avoid unnecessary classes from being created in ...
over 1 year ago in OpenPlant PID 1 Planned

Model Physical Representation of Cable Tray Dividers

Currentley, BRCM does not physically model cable tray dividers and this is very useful information to see in the model as it give would give our users and easy way to identify if a tray is divided and where the divider sits allocating space to eac...
over 2 years ago in Bentley Raceway and Cable Management 0 Planned

OPIM need to read correctly ProjectWise folders

OPIM must read dms folders directly. Do not create subfolders like: C:\PW_ADMIN_WD\dms02651\styles\IFC\config and C:\PW_ADMIN_WD\dms01754\Workspaces\WorkSpace\Worksets\OpenPlantMetric\Standards\OpenPlant\Isometrics\styles\IFC\config This gives man...
over 3 years ago in OpenPlant Isometrics Manager 2 Planned