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OpenPlant Modeler

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Calculate COG for assembly models

We are working with assemblies that are containing OPM models and ProStructure models. We would need to calculate COG of these models to facilitate liftings.
3 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Import IsoSheets

CS0113835 There are many times when a model gets corrupted, and the only solution is to reference a model into a fresh DGN and copy all the components. However, this does not import the created IsoSheets, and users need to recreate all the IsoShee...
about 17 hours ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Enable the Change Text Attributes

It makes it easier to change the text attributes, it's enabled in Microstation.
about 17 hours ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Option to Create Instrument like Create Equipment

Currently we have the feasibility to create intelligent Equipment from parametric solid independently similary we should have ability to create smart instrument from custom geometry.We cannot use Class as Custom component from Piping tab because i...
4 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 5 Future consideration

Out of the Box Mixed Metric Workspace in OPM should show fractions in the Pipeline Manager not decimal inches

PDS piping model shows fraction for Nominal Diameter and thus reflect in Pipeline Name (ie 1 1/2"-1PA-35121-L1-N0 ). If Nominal Diameter is modified, the Pipeline Name that has a Nominal Diameter reverts to decimal nominal diameter display ( 1.5-1...
9 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Ability to update properties on multiple components

CS0146120 While evaluating the data on OPM Piping Components, there are times when multiple components need to be assigned Properties. For example, we may need to update a Project Code or Shipping Status for a collection of objects that are select...
13 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Height of Stanchion for Simple Elbow Support should be from a specific point

When a Simple Elbow Support is placed, the height of the stanchion starts at a location of the support that seems to be a random location on the elbow (see STANCHION.png). The height should be from the center of the pipe end of the elbow (see STAN...
16 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Improved Upgrade Process

The entire process for Workspace upgrade has been a challenging in my experience. OPM is scheduled for 2 version updates every year, and with each upgrade, users are required to perform a Workspace upgrade, and verify all customization are functio...
9 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 4 Planned

Please bring back Ctrl G and Ctrl U commands

In the latest release OpenPlantModeler the functionality to group items has been removed. These commands grouped selected items to make it easier to pick when multiple components existed in complex models. Command were executed using ...
about 1 year ago in OpenPlant Modeler 11 Planned

Enable spec validation to update bolts and gaskets.

Spec validation tool allows mass model updates when specifications are updated. Often specs are in early design stages when modeling starts. When bolts or gaskets have updates, replacing these components as currently setup takes a significant amou...
5 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 2 Future consideration