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Feature of pipeline copy

Hi Team We are looking forward to see a feature of pipeline copy on Pipeline Manager in OpenPlant Modeler, it's quite efficient way for pipe modeling. A simple draft as shown the attachment.
6 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Rerun selected iso only

Add a button to ISO manager to allow users to rerun only the selected isometric.
6 days ago in OpenPlant Isometrics Manager 0 Future consideration

True Beta Testing

I would really like to see a true beta testing program implemented for OpenPlant. I have logged 40+ product defects after upgrading to newer versions of OPM. I am still waiting on fixes from the past years, and my users are struggling with in prod...
10 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Fix and Enhance the Details(Items) Dialog so it's usable.

Currently the Details (Items) dialog will show a list of what ever has been selected. Option to sort dialog, defaults back 'Item' when working on data past the first page of data, (scroll down past the first 20 lines say) When a number of items ar...
14 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Future consideration

Pipes and Breaks VBA

We have found a VBA that add the finish illustration of piping, the VBA also has option for cutting the pipe. YouTube: Communities:
20 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 2 Future consideration

Enforceable, Spec drive for P&ID

Add the ability to enfor spec drive in P&ID, or at minmum the ability to live warn a user that they are placing items that are not found in the active spec, or are not from the same spec as the line the component is being placed on.
about 1 month ago in OpenPlant PID 0 Future consideration

PlantSight version Comparison in OPPID

Hi Please can we have a version comparison of OPPIDs in PlantSight similar to the version comparison in OPM
about 1 month ago in OpenPlant PID 0 Future consideration

Populating data from spec fields to Pipe property

The PID does not support the feature of populating data from pipe spec fields to Pipe property. At current stage it is only possible for valves.
about 1 month ago in OpenPlant PID 0 Future consideration

Add Search for Orphaned Tags and Delete Them

Currently there is no way to see the orphaned tags, except when syncing drawings we get "found duplicates " dialog and cannot locate those tags in the PlantSight. Bentley CS has cloned the imodel few times but that didn't get rid of all orphaned t...
about 2 months ago in OpenPlant Engineering Data Manager 0 Future consideration

Raceway covers

Currently in BRCM are two settings related to covers. One is located in properties of the raceway, in UDAs as "Cover Type". It's needed to use it to include covers in BOQ. Second setting is hidden in the fitting catalogue definition per raceway ty...
about 2 months ago in Bentley Raceway and Cable Management 0 Future consideration