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Ability to Add PlantSight Only Properties in Bulk

Hi,Using OpenPlant Project Admin, we can add a PlantSight only Property but we can do this operation one. Meaning that if I need to add 30 string properties, I have to perform it 30 times. It would be great to have ability to create properties in ...
16 days ago in OpenPlant Project Administrator 0 Future consideration

Ability to Update Physical & Functional Name Property Value in Bulk

In PlantSight integrated mode, there is no mechanism to update the existing tag name in bulk. Only editing can be done for those property which are not part of name property. In practical cases, Name property requires its modification based and it...
15 days ago in OpenPlant Engineering Data Manager 0 Future consideration

Lookup lists in DataManager

Provide the ability to manage lookup value lists such as device type code lists or others within DataManager as selectable drop downs when creating a tag.
9 days ago in OpenPlant Engineering Data Manager 0 Future consideration

Option to Create Instrument like Create Equipment

Currently we have the feasibility to create intelligent Equipment from parametric solid independently similary we should have ability to create smart instrument from custom geometry.We cannot use Class as Custom component from Piping tab because i...
8 months ago in OpenPlant Modeler 5 Future consideration

Export with properties

Currently when exporting an IFC model from OpenPlant Modeler, many of the properties aren't exported. Please add an option that the IFC model will include all the data from the OPM model. This is very helpful for exporting to a 3rd party software....
8 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

Control the repetition of slope symbol

We would like to manage the slope symbol quantity in the same angle pipe. The symbols are located on each point currently. But we don't need multiple symbols in the same angle's pipe. The previous engine(isogen) does not locate the multiple symbol...
9 days ago in OpenPlant Isometrics Manager 0 Needs review

Stretch/Move multiple lines at the same time

Please consider allowing the user to stretch/move multiple lines including all components and equipment while maintaining connectivity. Typical examples are in pipe racks where you wish to move multiple pipes together in the same spacing, or movin...
17 days ago in OpenPlant Modeler 0 Needs review

RBAC for Attributes or Classes in EDM

Add the ability to use the roll based access control to limit which attribute on a given tag, possibly by class, that can be edited. i.e. allowing designers to update tags from PID or Modeller, but not to change certain fields that are owned by En...
9 days ago in OpenPlant Engineering Data Manager 0 Future consideration


24 days ago in OpenPlant Isometrics Manager 0 Needs review

Improved Upgrade Process

The entire process for Workspace upgrade has been a challenging in my experience. OPM is scheduled for 2 version updates every year, and with each upgrade, users are required to perform a Workspace upgrade, and verify all customization are functio...
about 1 year ago in OpenPlant Modeler 4 Planned